About Efshagar

Efshagar was created by Integrity Watch Afghanistan through Harakat support to allow anyone in Afghanistan to report and track corruption anonymously.

Efshagar will harness the collective power of active citizens in the fight against corruption in Afghanistan. You can report on the type, location, department or office and value of actual corrupt acts on the Efshagar website, or over SMS. We also ask you to report your gender for research and advocacy purposes.

How does it work?

Efshagar works on the principle of crowd sourcing, not all anonymous reports will be 100% accurate but all reports are reviewed for accuracy by a real person at Integrity Watch Afghanistan. The sheer volume of anonymous reports, in addition to the screening process, is what gives credibility to the system.

Once submitted, reports are screened by real people to ensure that they conform to our reporting guidelines, which are published on the Efshagar.af. Integrity Watch Afghanistan relies on indirect means of filtering rogue reports and spotting abusive behavior. For example, we analyze the content of incoming reports to prevent references to personal names and questionable locations. We also analyze usage patterns and keep an eye out for any suspicious activities such as unlikely mass reporting. The simple principle Efshagar is based on is: the more people that report bribes and corruption in a given location, the more likely it is to be true. After all, faking hundreds of reports systematically over time would be a difficult thing to do, and is likely to be spotted.

How does it help in the fight against corruption?

Your anonymous reports will provide a snapshot of bribes occurring across Afghanistan to increase transparency by bringing corruption into the spotlight for discussion. Integrity Watch will use the data from your anonymous reports to advocate for; improving governance systems and procedures, redirecting public strategy and funds, tightening law enforcement and regulation and thereby reduce the scope and impact of corruption in Afghanistan.

The information collected by Esfshargar is publicly accessible making it possible to discuss corrupt practices openly as well as providing civic-minded leaders and anti-corruption activists with insights into what is going on in their communities for use in their own work.

You can make this work

We invite you to report any recent, or old, bribes or corrupt acts that you have accurate knowledge about. Your reports are completely anonymous as we do not ask for your name or phone details, nor do we track or retain any other information from reporters in any way, so feel free to report knowing that you are helping to move Afghanistan toward a better future.